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South West Rocks

12 July 2019  to
16 July 2019

Diver 750.00
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Dumagette The Philippines

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Puerto Galera

13 September 2019  to
22 September 2019

21 September 2019  to
29 September 2019

Diver 3496.00
Non-Diver 3121.00
Diver 1657.00
Non-Diver 1080.00
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The trip to Solomon Islands was intended as an educational trip for Dive businesses to experience the diving and accommodation on offer. Departing Brisbane, we touched down in the capital Honiara. Whilst we could have walked the 5 minutes between the international and domestic terminals, we used a transfer company that got us through customs quickly as a group and greeted us with coconut drinks! Then it was all aboard a domestic flight to Gizo.

The short boat ride from the airport (on a separate island from the town) brought us to the town of Gizo which is the second largest in the country but is typical of a developing nation. The Gizo Hotel where we stayed was well maintained and clean. The meals were on the expensive side and rather slow to be prepared, but there are other eating options which we took advantage of, and the locals are certainly friendly - but beware the betel nut!

In terms of diving, Gizo Dive (proprietors Danny & Kerry Kennedy) was well organised, knowledgeable and friendly, and took us for a total of 6 dives across 2 days. Day 1 comprised 4 dives including small plane wrecks and reefs. The highlight of Day 2 was the Tao Maru - a Japanese transport ship sunk by the Americans during WWII. All 6 cargo holds are open and accessible as the ship lays on its side and offer some of the goods being transported at the time. Its been rated by Diver Magazine in the top 20 wreck dives in the world. Fish lunches cooked over heated stones by sprawling sandy beaches was pretty special too.

From there it was off to Uepi - another small plane to Seghi airport followed by boat to Uepi Island. The resort at Uepi is essentially the only settlement on the island. The accommodation is cabin style - roomy and each 'bungalow has its own deck area. The food is fantastic and they also let you bring your own spirits and leave them labelled in the bar.

Uepi is located on the Marovo Lagoon (largest lagoon in the world) and offers fantastic diving. We completed 11 dives which included a few reef wall dives only minutes by boat from the resort - one of which was a night dive. High winds postponed our '4-dive' Bapita trip but we were able to dive locally along the walls inside the lagoon. The final day was the Bapita trip - comprising a boat wreck, plane wrecks and 2 reef dives. The boat was completely vertical - it apparently suffered a relatively minor hole in the stern and was left overnight. only to sink and lodge itself in the rocks. Depth from 5-37m. The following reef dive at Penguin Reef was a residual air dive. After lunch, we dived the 'Sinkhole' which is a horizontal cave which is partially enclosed before opening into a cavern that links a lagoon with the ocean. The final dive to empty our tanks was on a WWII twin engine bomber in about 8m just off the end of the Seghi runway. Essentially still intact including ammunition magazines, the coral and fauna life is well established and colourful. They also offer an opportunity for a morning snorkel with Manta Rays in the lagoon, but no guarantees the rays will turn up as half our group discovered.

The highlights:

  • the fish life was plentiful
  • the coral fans are enormous and plentiful
  • the wrecks both big and small offer fantastic coral growth and fish life

12 Divers took the trip of our lives to the Yongala Wreck and Great Barrier Reef. For most divers it was their first liveaboard trip and first trip to the Yongala Wreck and Great Barrier Reef

Day 1 We spent on the Yongala Wreck, completing 4 dives including a night dive. Visibility wasn’t the greatest but as always the marine life was abundant and the fish were huge. The highlights for the divers included stingrays, eaglerays, shovel nosed sharks, trevally, and a heap of other fish

Then we headed out further to sea to explore some of the outer reefs off Townsville. The winds started to increase and we had to protect ourselves behind reefs. Some of the reefs we visited included the unnamed 19-309 reef, Shell Reef, Jupiter Reef, Shrimp Reef, Banfield Reef and Little Banfield Reef. Along the way Brett collected 3 painted crayfish and Dave caught a mackerel. Charlie got lost chasing sharks around the reefs.

Santo, Vanuatu was awesome. Our small group didn’t go unnoticed both abroad and back in Melbourne. The weather was perfect during the day and cool enough at night for comfortable sleeping. The 210 metre Coolidge and Million Dollar Point kept us entertained. On our last day we spent walking through Millennium Cave and swimming down the river. Everyone from Alan Power Dive, Millennium Cave Tours and Hotel Santo were great hosts. Santo is the second biggest city in Vanuatu and the main street must run maybe five kilometres, and on that 5km of road there must have been 1000 taxis, maybe. We visited most restaurants, a couple of kava bars, and walked the main street daily. The Vanuatu people were always smiling, always saying hello or goodnight.

All the dive guides, Lionel, David, Ian, Paul were a lot of fun. The boys were friendly, always had a laugh, extremely helpful and always willing to ensure we had the best time. They were also great divers. No matter where they took us, to the pool, through dark passages, we always felt comfortable and safe. Alan Powell was great entertainment, his knowledge and stories were endless. The water temperature was around 24 degrees. The president Coolidge kept us entertained for 13 dives, still didn't see every part. We swam the full length of 210m to get a look at the stern. It is a massive ship. In the last 10 years the ship quarters and main promenade has fallen off and laying of the bottom at about 40m. We visited the pool, tested our narcosis skills, tried to remember the 7 different coloured tiles at the pool. We visited the lady and horse and ceremoniously went about our business. Still one of my favourite dives is the night dive. A first for all divers was a night dive without turning a torch on. It's a great experience swimming over the wreck by moonlight, down into the wreck to be surrounded by thousands of flashlight fish. Absolutely captivating. We did one dive at million dollar point, still amazing that the Americans just dumped all the vehicles and machinery into the ocean.

On our last day we walked through rainforest down into a valley where the opening, a black hole about 10m in diameter, of Millennium Cave. We climbed into the cave. The entrance was an extension of a creek. We climbed over rocks, walked through chilly fresh water and followed the creek. The creek is only during dry season, during the wet season the cave system fills up significantly. The walls inside the cave rose 20m high. At the end of the cave, the sunlight beamed through the entrance. It's an awesome sight. We had some lunch just outside the cave. The creek that runs through the cave joins up with the river that ends up opening up at Santo. We walked through the dried out river bed until we got to a deeper part of the river and floated down the river. The walls on either side of the river rose 20m also. You could see the water level line from the wet season. We ended up down the river. The walk out, it wasn't the easiest. Then a short walk back to the village. This is a unique and amazing tour.

Back on the plane, layover in Port Vila for 5 hours, we got a very cool taxi driver who took us to the waterfalls and the exiotic gardens then to a beachside café / bar for lunch. Just the way to top off a great holiday. We all agreed we could live in Santo for a while.

July 24-28, 2015

$850 plus flights

Spots Available

  • 4 Nights / 5 Days
  • Stay at South West Rocks Dive Centre 4 Nights
  • Dive with Grey Nurse Sharks, Wobbegong Sharks, Eagle Rays, Eastern Blue Gropers, and heaps more
  • Swim through the 120m cave at Fish Rock
  • Fly into Newcastle, Drive to South West Rocks (transfer from Newcastle to SWR included in price)

Optional extra
  • Private accommodation