Service and Repairs

Diveline can Service and Repair all your Scuba Diving Gear

Equipment Servicing Rates

Normal Air Servicing Price

  Cylinder ServiceHydrostatic Test ( incl air fill )           $50.00    -- EVE Shortcode --

  Internal rumble ( rust removal ) start from:               $20.00     -- EVE Shortcode --

Valve Service ( Parts not included )

  Standard Value Service                                                  Complementary

  Burst Disk Replacement                                                $20.00

  Manifold with Isolator                                                    $20.00

Regulator Service

  1st and 2nd Stages - Labour only ( excl alternate )   $95.00     -- EVE Shortcode -- 

  ( regulator service kits additional - call for pricing )

  Alternate air source ( octopus )                                    $40.00     -- EVE Shortcode --

BCD's Service

  Power inflator and dump valves                                  $50.00     -- EVE Shortcode --

  Power inflator and dump valves - I3 BCD                  $60.00     -- EVE Shortcode --

  Air Source                                                                         $25.00     

Computer Battery Change

  Labour                                                                               $20.00     -- EVE Shortcode --

  Suunto D-series ( Battery included )                             $90.00     -- EVE Shortcode --

Oxygen Cleaning Servicing

Cylinder Service

  Oxygen Clean ( incl rumble )                                     $30.00     -- EVE Shortcode --

  Nitrox wrap ( sticker )                                                 $15.00     -- EVE Shortcode --

  In-test sticker                                                               $5.00

Valve Service ( incl Viton O-Rings )

  Standard Value                                                            $10.00

  Manifold with Isolator                                                $20.00


Scuba cylinders need to be tested every 12 months in Australia. When a cylinder is tested it is stamped with the month and year of that service. You have 12 months from that date before you are unable to get airfills from dive shops. 

At the time of your hydrostatic test your cylinder will be inspected for any damage including rust, pits, corrosion and cracks that may jeopadise the safety of this high pressure air vessel, regulated under the Australian Standards.

A hydrostatic test involves pressurizing the cylinder with water to usually 5/3 of its working pressure, to test the integrity of the cylinder. Depending on the size of the cylinder determines the limits needing to pass the cylinder, all regulated under the Australian Standards.

Scuba cylinders are required to meet Australian standards, if not they are deemed to fail and be discarded. Using defected cylinders can can serious injury and even death.  

Diveline Scuba Centre is audited every 12 months to ensure what we do passes standards. 


Regulator servicing is necessary as its vital for supplying you air underwater. A regulator is made up of moving parts. Anytime you have parts, components deteriorate. In your regulator, you have o-rings, diaphragms, nuts, connecting hoses, all that work under high pressure. Therefore regular servicing is required to maintain good working regulators.

For most divers, diving is conducted in salt water, which gives rise to salt crystals. Salt crystals if not washed out after use, can harden and build up in connections on regulators, make components seize, causing major issues including replacements of whole stages.  

If regulators are not serviced for more than 3 years, chances are you will incur more costs to your next service bill. Reasons for this are o-rings and diapragms deteriorating, which are replaceable. Nuts, connections and other components seizing.



Salt crystals if not washed out after use, can harden and build up in connections on BCDs, especiallly on the dump valves, low pressure inflator connectors, and zips. Washing both inside and out is suggested, if not it causes major issues.